Why did benjamin franklin address his autobiography to his illegitimate son who fought against the c

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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The only son of Benjamin Franklin, William Franklin rose through life from illegitimate birth to become the last Royal Governor of New Jersey. Born in Philadelphia to an unidentified woman of low standing, William was raised by Franklin and his common law wife, Deborah Read Franklin.

The Autobiography opens with a salutation to Ben Franklin son, William Franklin who at the time was the royal governor of New Jersey. Franklin is writing in the summer of on vacation in a small town about 50 miles south of London.

Franklin says that because his son may wish to know about his. During this time Franklin, with his son William, visited the homes of their ancestors, as Franklin reminded William at the beginning of the Autobiography, and in was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of St.

Andrews. Thereafter he was addressed as "Dr. Franklin.". Franklin’s first-born son William was illegitimate. The identity of William’s mother is unknown. Ben and William remained very close for many years but became estranged on the eve of the American Revolution when William refused to give up his loyalty to the British throne.

In. Nor did he inform William, who did not learn until later of the departure of his only son, a lad he had gotten to know for only a year. Franklin also decided to take along his other grandson, his.

William Franklin

Franklin seizes the chance to write his Autobiography as a way of contributing to the field of literature he loves so much; his self-portrayal within its pages is a deliberate attempt to show that a self-educated writer can also join in an elite canon.

Why did benjamin franklin address his autobiography to his illegitimate son who fought against the c
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