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Identify 3 criteria to know each of your alternatives:. III. Analysis (Cause of the Problem) IV. Determination and Evaluation of Alternatives Alternative 1: Offering Lower Commission Incentives CASE STUDY MODULE 5: CASE STUDY VETEMENTS LTEE 1) Symptoms that suggest that something has gone wrong are: • Constant arguing between employees.

• Deteriorated relationships between employees and between management and employees%(16). Vetements Lee Case Study Vetements Ltee Case Vetements Ltee 1.

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There are many symptoms in this case that suggest that something has gone wrong. The performance of the sales staff started to decline and senior management started to receive complaints from store managers.

Vetements Ltee is a chain of men’s retail clothing stores located throughout the province of Quebec, Canada. Two years ago, the company introduced new incentive systems for both store managers and sales employees.

Vetements Fall “We took it to the flea market because that’s where it always begins.” Hard to know where to start with the Vetements collection, which was shown in the corridors of the Paul Bert Serpette market, north of Paris.

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Vetements ltee
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