Tunnel contract

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Tutor Perini JV Wins $410M LA Subway Tunnel Contract

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The Port of Miami Tunnel is one of the first public-private partnership (PPP, generally referred to as P3 in North America) projects in the State of Florida.

Partnership has signed a contract to finance, design, construct and maintain the Tunnel and Stations Package for approximately 25 years as part of the Metro Tunnel Project. Cross Yarra Partnership, a consortium of Lendlease, John Holland, Bouygues.

Along with the removal of the viaduct, the Kiewit contract includes filling in the built, 2,ft Battery Street Tunnel, currently part of the SR 99 alignment. Contract Information & Technical Requirements. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has entered into a Comprehensive Agreement with Elizabeth River Crossings LLC (ERC), is a sole-purpose company created to finance, deliver, operate and maintain the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project (ERT) in Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia for a 58 year term, or until June Notice of Short Listed and Selected Firms.

The following table identifies the short list and the final rankings of firms that have completed and submitted an Expression of Interest for RFPs originating from this division. RFPs sponsored by other divisions can be located through the Business home page.

Statewide Term Contract for Tunnel. Dallas, Texas, City Council on Feb.

Mill Creek Tunnel, Contract 2

14 approved a $ million contract to build a 5-mile long drainage tunnel north of downtown. The project, to be built by Southland Mole, was to begin in March. The Mill Creek Drainage Relief tunnel will be ft ID and approximately 70 to ft deep.

Tunnel contract
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