The different ways that a person can be deviant for a day

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Deviant Ways

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Many people would be willing to break laws or act in deviant ways to reap the rewards of pleasure, excitement, and profit, etc.

23 Different Ways to Greet Someone in English

if they had the opportunity. Those who do have the opportunity are those who are only weakly controlled by social. A specific standard behavior is called norms in which people are supposed to act in a predictable manner. Deviant behavior is a violation of this norm although it can be interpreted in many ways as social norms are different from one culture to another/5(16).

Merton defined this as meaning that the person accepted the cultural goal and used acceptable ways of trying to reach this goal. Howard Becker A sociologist that argued that deviant behavior is only deviant because people label it as deviant.

Different theories were used to label some of the deviant acts in different ways according to the deviant act they committed. Being a Deviant for a Day meaning that it also varies by legal jurisdiction and culture. In the United States of America, for example, a person can be convicted of wide range of sexual behavior that includes.

deviant definition: The definition of a deviant is a person whose behavior is different from those in "normal" society and culture. (noun) An example of a deviant is. Deviant behavior is one that differs from a norm, especially from a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards; the behavior that differs from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.

The different ways that a person can be deviant for a day
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