Ryanair cost leadership strategy

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Ryanair’s New Strategy: Being Nice

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Ryanair Marketing Mix

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Click to launch & play an online audio visual presentation by Prof. Robert Grant on Ryanair: matching the activity system to the strategy, part of a collection of online lectures.

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A strategy of operational excellence is defined by a relentless focus on providing customers with reliable. Its charismatic boss Michael O’Leary has a business model with a central focus on cost reduction (and making money of course!).

In around 20 years he has taken Ryanair from a single plane company to become the largest airline in Europe. Ryanair's cost-leadership strategy is based on the intent to outperform competitors by doing everything it can to establish a cost structure that allows it to provide its air travel service at a lower unit cost than they can.

1. What's your assessment of Ryanair's launch strategy? Ryanair was launched with two important strategies in mind. They wanted to deliver first-rate customer service, with meals and amenities. We analyse the pricing policy adopted by Ryanair, the main low-cost carrier in Europe.

Based on a year's fare data for all of Ryanair's European flights, using a family of hyperbolic price functions, the optimal pricing curve for each route is estimated.

Ryanair cost leadership strategy
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