Procurement methods for design and construction

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Procurement methods in Construction Industry

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Procurement Methods

It is essential that both methods, the team procurement and the project delivery method, are. The below chart compares and contrasts five main procurement methods in construction industry.

that traditional method provides more quality assurance in a complex project though it consumes more time than other methods. Design and build method suits for relatively small project in complexity whereas management contracting can be possible.

The advantages of design and build tend to counter the disadvantages of traditional contracting procurement methods. Design and Build is a way to fast track construction and the contractor often should dictate a fixed cost or a guaranteed maximum price that offers certainty to the client.

These alternative procurement methods include the Design/Build (DB), the Construction Management (CM), and the Management Contracting Procurement (MCP) method (Shrestha et al. ). In this article we explore some of the principal procurement methods available to construction procurement managers, including: • Design-Bid-Build • Job Order Contracting (JOC).

CURRENT METHODS OF PROCUREMENT P4 THE ROLE OF THE CLIENT P8 PUBLIC SECTOR AND VALUE FOR MONEY P10 (CIOB) into procurement in the construction industry. design and construction stages. The prime contractor is paid all actual costs, plus profits.

Procurement methods for design and construction
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