Is tv bad or not

Is TV Really So Bad?

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TV BANTER . . . with Joanne Madden

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Is Watching TV Good or Bad for You?

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Breaking Bad

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The Wire premiered on June 2,and ended on March 9,comprising 60 episodes over five seasons. Set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire.

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But it isn't terrible scripts, bad acting or excruciating reality TV programs that are shaving years off our lives; it's what we do, or rather don't do, when we're zoning out in front of the box.

Jul 08,  · The most critical aspect of this new mode of watching TV is that it's starting a dialogue, introducing a wider audience of viewers to social issues they might not otherwise be exposed to and. Feb 06,  · Really watching TV is good in some way, it can even turn bad specially for the youngsters i believe.

Basically if you do not keep an eye on them or so. Well very interesting hub and so Reviews: A lot of people argue about if tv is a good influence on kids or a bad influence on kids. This essay is the pros and cons on watching television.

I believe that you shouldn't watch tv in excessive, children can really aren’t benefitting from tv, so I believe tv is a bad influence/5(1).

Is tv bad or not
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