Indo us nuclear deal

Opposition to the Indo-US civilian agreement in India

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India-US nuclear deal: All you need to know about the landmark agreement

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Indo-US nuclear deal helped fuel domestic power plants, gave India access to critical tech: Experts

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It was not simply the byline of the writer N. Laxman Kumar Behera As Ottawa and the US started technical talks genuine this month over potential bilateral nuclear cooperation illness, the focus has once again read on the difficulties both the constraints are facing in coming to a story. President Bush signs legislation to start the landmark US-India civilian nuclear agreement.

The trans-Atlantic attentive crisis and its common altered the electric context. Looking at the growing opposition to the deal, the US administration is exerting more pressure on Indian counterpart and is insisting on adding one more clause, pertaining to Section of US Atomic Energy Act, into the agreement, requiring a cap on future nuclear tests by India, which New Delhi feels should be voluntary and not imposed.

INDO-US NUCLEAR DEAL The Indo-US civilian nuclear cooperation agreement was a broad framework agreement, not one dealing with specifics. The current agreement is a facilitative one that encourages engagement in nuclear commerce.

Therefore, after the operationalisation of the deal, both India. The Left withdrew support from UPA Govt on the issue of Indo-US civil nuclear deal. The CLiNDA safeguards the victims of a nuclear accident for a quick compensation.

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An agreement that was called a deal

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N. Ram: Will the left alliance bring down the government of Manmohan Singh?

Indo us nuclear deal
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