Examining stock returns for normal distributions

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Normal Distribution

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Predicting Stock Market Returns - Lose The Normal And Switch To Laplace

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Why Do Stock Market Returns Look Like a Bell Shaped Curve?

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Distribution of Returns

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Oct 25,  · When the returns on a stock (continuously compounded) follow a normal distribution, then the stock prices follow a lognormal distribution.

Note that even if returns do not follow a normal distribution, the lognormal distribution is still the most appropriate for stock prices.

The probability density function of the distribution is: The Black-Scholes model used to price options uses the lognormal Author: Ngari Joseph. On the Distribution of Long-Run Stock Returns Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, 9/18/ It is well-known that the distributions of daily and monthly equity returns are leptokurtic (fat-tailed) relative to the normal distribution.

The infinite variance of stable Paretian distributions, and the fact that if stock returns follow this distribution then the usual statistical tools may be badly misleading, led. Dev. you can see that the frequency distributions follow more of a normal distribution over daily stock returns.

This is not sufficient evidence to conclude that monthly stock returns follow a normal distribution with a high confidence. The normal distribution has kurtosis equal to 3, but fat-tailed distributions with extra probability mass in the tail areas have higher kurtosis.

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Accordingly, we can test our returns data for normality by testing the null that returns have a kurtosis parameter of 3, i.e., reject in favor of excess kurtosis.

This paper examines the fit of three different statistical distributions to the returns of the S&P Index from The normal distribution is a poor fit to the daily percentage returns of the S&P

Examining stock returns for normal distributions
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