Critical feminist lens for hamlet

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Psychoanalytic literary criticism

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Critical Lenses

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Hamlet through the Feminist Critical Lens

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Oliver Hamlet through the Feminist Critical Lens If one wants to clearly understand the feminist implications in Shakespeare's Hamlet, there are no better characters to observe than Ophelia and Hamlet. Gertrude Feminist Criticism This lens aims to expose the misogynistic nature of male authors through their writings.

It looks at how the female consciousness is portrayed by both male and female authors. Feminist criticism has also explored the ways in which readers, audiences and other artists have represented Gertrude and Ophelia, the latter having become, particularly through paintings, an icon of woman as victim.

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Nov 18,  · To illustrate what I have been trying to discuss in several articles, I am going to look at texts who have previously looked at Hamlet by Shakespeare through the lens of feminist criticism.

I tried to pick a text that many have read or at least could summarize in order to looks at the text more in depth.

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