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Stephanie (Spencer's Blind Date)

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Blind date

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The dating show will return for the first time in more than. Mindy Jul 16 am 7/ This was a pretty good thriller. It was exciting to watch and the actors did a great job, especially the two leads.

I loved the growth of the relationship between the two leads and how, even as a thriller, it hit you emotionally pretty hard. The Hot Date Contents[show] Summary The episode starts at Marzipan City Police Department solving who flooded Ms. Endive's pool with pudding, and the suspects are Mung, Chowder, Shnitzel, and Truffles.

While this happens Sergant Hogey thinks he's going to be late for his blind date.

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A doctor experimenting with chemicals in his lab accidentally blinds his assistant. The directors who own the lab threaten to fire the doctor because of the incident.

The doctor takes revenge by shooting them with a rifle, hoping people will think they were all suicides. Featured Characters.

Blind date show wiki
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